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Canticle of
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Thoughts from the
Letters of Petrarch

Canticle of the Creatures Thoughts from the Letters of Petrarch

Francis of Assisi’s early masterpiece of Italian poetry. On creamy handmade paper and on sheepskin parchment.

Selections from the great Italian poet’s letters. Hand printed in three editions: On mouldmade paper, on handmade paper, and on sheepskin parchment.

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Our New Typecasting Foundry

Test Font of Kennerley RomanIN OCTOBER 2010 the Press acquired its own Monotype Thompson typecasting machine, along with dozens of series of matrices, the small recessed molds for the three-dimensional letterforms that are the essence of letterpress printing. Our Thompson caster will give us more control over the ‘fit’ and appearance of the types we use in our handmade books, and it opens up the possibility for designing our own typeface.   More…


A Recent Commission

Printing the Book on the Chandler & Price Platen Press.LAST YEAR, THE PRESS RECEIVED a commission to produce a small letterpress edition of poetry: a personal volume of 50 sonnets for the author’s own distribution. The author had heard of the Press from a colleague who had seen our fine-press publications, and preferred the handmade quality of our letterpress editions over a plain paperback, print-on-demand booklet.   More…


Our Developing Bindery

Laying PressUntil recently, the Press has focussed mainly on printing with the iron handpress. Last year we installed new equipment that is enabling us to expand our in-house bookbinding capabilities. Tools and materials used by the Apollo Bindery, formerly operated by Peter Cohen, are gradually being integrated into the pressroom from their storage space.   More…