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Announcing – Canticle of the Creatures

View of the FairTHE PETRARCH PRESS IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE our upcoming publication, Canticle of the Creatures by Francis of Assisi, with the original Umbrian text and a new English translation by John Venerella. Canticle of the Creatures, sometimes popularly called Canticle of the Sun, is a short song begun in Francis’s early years and completed near the time of his death. The original text, considered by many to be the earliest poetical masterpiece in the Italian language, is newly transcribed from the oldest remaining manuscript of the song – that in the thirteenth-century Assisi Codex. Francis’s charming verses in Umbrian dialect – praising God through his creations “Brother Sun”, “Sister Moon”, and the four elements – are printed with the English translation opposite.

View of the FairTwo collectible limited editions of the Canticle are being issued: 6 copies printed on sheepskin parchment, and 60 copies printed on cream-colored handmade paper, produced especially for the Press by Ruscombe Mills in France. The text has been set in beautiful Poliphilus type, with large initial letters in red, designed at the Press in the style of the original manuscript initial. (See the original here.) View of the FairOur eight-page edition of the Canticle is printed in Large Quarto format – 10 x 13-1/2 inches. Both the paper and the parchment editions are bound in half Japanese linen with the boards covered in handmade Nepalese Lokta paper printed with our own Canticle pattern. Parchment copies are protected by a slipcase.

We expect to deliver finished books to their owners in December 2008.


[No longer in effect as of January 2009]
On Handmade Paper: $235 (normally $260)
On Parchment: $560 (normally $625) [Now sold-out]
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