The Petrarch Press

Announcing our Next Publication

The Gospel According to Philip.The Petrarch Press is pleased to announce our second major publication, The Gospel According to Philip. The expected publication date of December 1st, 2006 means you can give a copy to all your near and dear ones for the holidays. Contact us for a special pre-publication price. This edition will be hand set and printed on our nineteenth-century Albion handpress, with 12 copies printed on sheepskin parchment, and 100 copies printed on dampened handmade paper. We will model it after the first book issued by Peter Bishop’s Petrarch Press twenty years ago, The Gospel According to Thomas. Both ‘gospels’ form part of the extensive ‘Nag Hammadi Library’, a group of papyrus codices discovered in 1945 near the Egyptian village of Nag Hammadi, close to Abydos and Luxor. Its references to Mary Magdalene as Jesus’ companion and its exploration of the mystical sacrament of the “Bridal Chamber” shed a modern light on the suppressed traditions of the early Gnostics.