The Petrarch Press

Overseas to the Oxford Book Fair in November

THE OXFORD FINE PRESS BOOK FAIR on November 3 and 4, 2007 in Oxford, UK is the largest international show of fine presses and their work. Of course the Petrarch Press will be there (we may need to stow away on the next boat out, but we will be there). Every two years, the UK Provincial Booksellers Fairs Association (PBFA) works with the Fine Press Book Association to organize this event. We visited the last fair in 2005 and entered our first parchment book, Thoughts from the Letters of Petrarch. It was well received and David Vickers of the Gregynog Press invited us to Wales for a visit.

This year we will enter our second book, The Gospel According to Philip, also with a parchment edition, into the Gregynog Letterpress competition for the finest book printed using traditional letterpress. We will also enter the Judges’ Choice Awards where three collectors and dealers chose their favorites of the books published since the previous fair. Wish us luck!

Although some official recognition would be nice, what we really love is meeting old and new friends and enjoying Oxford.