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Thoughts from the Letters of Petrarch

Thoughts from the Letters of PetrarchOUR FIRST PUBLICATION, Thoughts from the Letters of Petrarch, commemorates the fine-press tradition of Peter Bishop’s original Petrarch Press. Francesco Petrarca is best known as one of the first writers to experiment with the Italian vernacular for poetic expression. For his letters, however, he relied on the lingua franca of Latin, developing a sophisticated yet intimate style that returned to the more classical forms of Virgil and, above all, Cicero. In these letters – addressed with fine impartiality to friends, poets, and illustrious men both living and dead (including Cicero and Homer) – Petrarch ranges over a variety of subjects, yet always exhibits an earnest striving for greatness of spirit together with a sometimes rueful acknowledgment of his own shortcomings.   More…