Shakespeare' Sonnets, original text

Shakespeare’s Sonnets in Sheets

After an prolonged period of development, editing, and production, the Petrarch Press is now pleased to offer independent binders a limited number of copies – in sheets and prior to the book’s public release – of our most important edition to date: Shakespeare’s Sonnets.


This edition of Shakespeare’s Sonnets honours the Quarto impression of 1609 by faithfully reprinting its arrangement, punctuation and orthography (the colourful original spelling, and the emphatic use of capitals and italics). In this way we are presenting the most authentic version of the Sonnets possible. The 172-page text was printed by hand on our 1851 Super Royal Albion press. The hand-set type was cast in-house, in Cloister Old Style, using custom-engraved matrices for the various Long-S characters the text requires. The Title Page ornament and the initial capital of Sonnet number 1 are printed with gold leaf, which is the only ornamentation to the text. The handmade paper was specially made for this edition, with deckle edges to the fore-edge and foot of each page.

20 copies were printed on sheepskin parchment (being bound in vellum over boards), and 75 on handmade paper (being bound in limp vellum). Our price for bound copies of the handmade-paper edition is $850, and the parchment edition has already been fully subscribed.


When you order, you will receive the folded and collated, un-sewn sheets of one numbered copy from the handmade-paper edition (shown above, already sewn for our standard binding) for $690*. Printing is now complete, and we can fulfill your order immediately.

When your special binding is finished, we will also be pleased to post photographs of the finished work here on our soon to be updated website (yes, we know, it’s been a long time).

Need more information? Please email us with your questions.

To order your set of sheets, please contact:

The Petrarch Press
PO Box 488
9690 Stackhouse Lane
Oregon House, CA 95962-0488

Tel: +1 (530) 692-9531

*Plus 7.5% CA Sales Tax when delivered in California,
except with a valid State Resale number.