Persian Tiles

Finding the Text of the Rubáiyát

In considering our next fine press publication, we looked at suggestions to print Omar Khayyám’s Rubáiyát. At first, we were not sure the world needed yet another Rubáiyát…

Why We Do It

Have you ever marveled at the beauty of an Austin Healey, or appreciated the craftsmanship of an antique roll top desk and thought, “They just don’t make things like that any more”? Have you ever found a beautiful old book in your grandfather’s study

Peter Bishop’s Petrarch Press (1985-1996)

The Petrarch Press was founded in California’s Sierra foothills in 1985 by Peter Bishop with the aim to publish important world literature in fine, hand-printed editions. Starting out “with Lewis Allen’s Printing with the Handpress in one hand and a composing stick in the other”, and inspired by the work of Joseph Blumenthal and Giovanni Mardersteig, Peter taught himself to print, in the tradition of earlier fine-press printers