The Petrarch Press

It Is Done!

Volunteers Printing.OUR EDITION OF The Gospel According to Philip is complete. We hand set and printed all 112 copies on our nineteenth-century Albion handpress. The text was set in the beautiful Dante Roman type, with each verse separated by ornaments in red. Both the paper and the parchment editions are bound in simple Roma-covered boards with a printed spine label. We will gladly accept orders and can deliver the books in time for holiday gift-giving.

Written in Coptic, and dating from the first half of the fourth century, The Gospel According to Philip appears to follow the tradition of the Christian Gnostic teaching promulgated by Valentinus in the second century. While we have both original Greek fragments and a nearly complete Coptic translation of the Thomas gospel, the only known instance of The Gospel According to Philip is contained within the Nag Hammadi codex. The text, translated into English by Wesley W. Isenberg, preserves seventeen sayings of Jesus, nine of which are also found in the canonical gospels; the others are unique to this work.

To place your order, call us at 530-692-9531 or email us. For more details, see The Gospel According to Philip.