The Petrarch Press

Our Developing Bindery

Laying PressUntil recently, the Press has focussed mainly on printing with the iron handpress. Last year we installed new equipment that is enabling us to expand our in-house bookbinding capabilities. Tools and materials used by the Apollo Bindery, formerly operated by Peter Cohen, are gradually being integrated into the pressroom from their storage space.

Standing PressAn antique French wooden standing press now stands next to our more modern cast-iron standing press made in Boston by Chas. P. Holden. Two other pieces, a wooden laying press with iron wheel and screws, and a charming iron and wood 33-in. board shear, wait nearby for our next binding project to start. A range of Bradel boards, paste and glue brushes, dividers, knives, folders, and sewing materials will fill our needs for many years to come.

Cataloging and learning to use the numerous antique brass finishing tools will have to wait a while, but it promises to be an exciting project.